Keep What Really Matters

Written by Andrea

I was inspired by Kendra’s post in August about giving it all away and made it a goal to downsize my life before the turn of the new year.

It wasn’t easy, but I spent a weekend and went through my entire room. I was able to get rid of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, jewelry- so much that I hadn’t actually used. I was shocked at all the extra material ‘things’ I had in my possession. It made me realize that I don’t actually need, or want ‘things.’

I had 8 bags of unused ‘things’ just sitting around cluttering my life. It felt so good to get rid of them. I donated it all to Goodwill so I hope ‘things’ that were of no use to me, may be able to help someone else.

It made me see that things sort of tie you down. They hold you back and usually remind you of the past. I want to change my mentality where I hold on to things. It’s time to grow up, move on and get rid of the stuff.

I’ve always been envious of people who didn’t need things to keep them happy. I want to be one of those people.

I’m learning that people and places make me happy, memories make me happy- not things. One day I will only have a small pile of things. A pile so small that if I want to pack up and move or visit an exotic country I wouldn’t need many things. I won’t feel so attached to material possessions.

I won’t even miss them!

I have a simple strategy to figure out what can stay and what can go: every few weeks I look around at my ‘things’ and take a few of them I haven’t used in months and put them in a bag. Then, I put that bag in the trunk of my car (or someplace where I won’t see it everyday.) If a few more months go by and I still don’t realize these things are gone, they get donated to Goodwill or sold online or unloaded through this nifty network of people giving things away called Freecycle.

Try it sometime. It’s worked for me. Memories will always be there, you don’t need ‘things’ to remind you of the good times (or the bad!). Take some time this month and start your 2010 off right.

Downsize your life and keep what really matters.

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