A Visual of Happiness

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I love words. Ask anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes.

Because of this love, I am obsessed with an awesome technology tool called Wordle. It lets you take tons of words and organize them, customize a font and create an amazing pieces of artwork.

It’s been almost 6 months now that Stratejoy has been publishing blog posts by fabulous QuarterLifers like myself, and I wanted to see what we have been talking about. I took all of our blogposts and submitted the words to Wordle. I was really excited to see what our most popular topics would be!

Take a look at the surprise I found when Wordle created this piece:


Whats the first thing you see?

I see “Always, Think, Happy”

I kinda like that mantra. It reminds of Finding Nemo when the fish Dori repeats, “Just Keep Swimming” to little Nemo. If I just “Always Think Happy” maybe this time of crisis won’t seem so chaotic.

It’s worth a shot!

The main topic of all of our blogs during the past 6 months of crisis has been Happiness. Every form of the word from Happy, to Happiest, to Happiness, to Happier. See a pattern here? I wonder if happiness, and the path to finding what that is, could be the key to life.  Something to think about….

If you look closely you’ll also find  “Living, Grateful, Confidence, Family, Time, Life, Bliss.” All positive words! I’m really proud us gutsy girl bloggers- Way to go! Nice use of words if I do say so myself.

Keep it up, we are all in this together.





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