Right after seeing that on tumblr I got really curious about stars so I did a small research about it. Looked for some facts lang on Google.

Until I found myself staring outside for minutes. I seriously looked out my window and just gaped at the sky, thinking why, exactly, do stars exist. (Maybe God thought they were really pretty!:) ) According to my research(naks!) If you tried to hitch a ride on the fastest spacecraft ever launched from Earth, it would still take you more than 70,000 years to get there from here. How come they’re million light-years away and yet they still look so beautiful? How come we can still see them shine even if they’re very far? (For you information, stars don’t twinkle. “Twinkling is not a property of the stars, but of Earth’s turbulent atmosphere. As the light from a star passes through the atmosphere, especially when the star appears near the horizon, it must pass through many layers of often rapidly differing density. Above the Earth’s atmosphere, stars do not twinkle.”) And also how come my friends knew about this and yet I don’t? How come their Natsci class covered about stars and mine did not? Puro savanna, animals, organisms ang natutunan ko sa Natsci! I want to know more about stars, who wouldn’t want anyway? They’re so interesting!! Things like this are worth learning for. Gusto ko tuloy maging astrologer, charot!

I want to spend some nights staring at the stars, lying on the grass, on the roof, down the beach or somewhere peaceful.. worrying about nothing. Ang saya saya ng gano’ng feeling, yung walang inaalala. Tranquil feeling. Much better sana kung with special someone. (A walk to remember just popped into my mind!)*sigh* I wish to find someone like Landon,

Someone who’ll do everything in my “Boyfriend bucket list”

Someone who’ll take every risk and effort just to be with me and just to make me happy

Someone who’ll love every bit of me

Someone who is afraid of losing me

Ad last (for this post) but not the least.. Someone who has the courage to ask my father before asking me out

Pero no, wala eh, wala pa sa ngayon.. guess I’m just gonna sit in a corner and cry until I found my own Landon Carter.

Galing no, nagshift yung topic from stars to Landon Carter. I just love everything about stars and A walk to remember, except the fact that stars don’t really twinkle. :(


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