TAMA..Ako gusto ko din ng flowers!!


Our Philippine literature professor once told us about what kind of flowers people, particularly guys, should give their partners. Flowers are nice and beautiful which is why I suppose people give them to others, it gives good cheer and warm feeling to the recipient, but when you pick the flower, it dies.

Clearly, guys are used to buying bouquets for their loved ones as a gesture/symbol of appreciation, care or love. A set is ranging from 500-1000php, still depends on what kind of flowers you’re getting though.Receiving flowers is probably one of the best feelings for most girls, including me, a stem can surely and instantly bring smile to our faces. (but I’d rather get an artificial one. Since I’ve an actual fear of caterpillars. Which was actually Jake’s fault, he’s the reason why I start hating on authentic flowers. I tried to preserve the sunflower he gave me by putting it in a zip lock and placing it in my cabinet, few days later I found two caterpillars wriggling through my precious sunflower. I’ve decided to throw it away, masakit man sa puso, but I have to haha. Hindi ko na kering itago pa yun. I was actually kind of traumatized (lol), I dreamt of caterpillars for a week. As in yung tipong may caterpillars sa kama ko, sa cabinet ko..hinahaunt nila ko. WEIRD. Kaya everytime na makakahawak ako ng real flowers, mejo nappraning na ko..lol)

I’ve received two bouquets in my entire life, just two. One was during our prom (na preserve ko din for 3 years..damn three years)

and the other one, on ordinary day lang. I actually love randomly receiving something for no special occasion, ang cute kaya.

I also received a pot of ‘hindi-ko-alam-ang-pangalan-ng-bulaklak’ from the same guy. He knows I love yellow so much. No occasion din, gulat nalang ako he texted me to go out our house kasi may bibigay daw sya sakin. With matching mcdo pancakes pa yan, breakfast daw. Haha!

Going back, don’t you think a bouquet costs too much? Just for a bunch of flowers in a decorative wrap?

Why don’t you try giving your significant other something he/she can take care of, a potted flowerperhaps? Yung alive na alive pa, the gift that keeps giving. Since apparently, most people give it as a symbol of love. Mas dama kung ganon instead of bouquets, cause eventually those flowers will wilt and die.

Ganon din ba ang love nyo for them? Mawawala din soon? I bet not. (Unless you’re giving flowers for no reason at all.. as in AT ALL. Eh para ka palang tanga.) You don’t just simply give someone something kasi a.) wala lang b.) gusto mo lang c.) may maibigay lang. Think about the symbolism there. You can also give them dogs, kung may budget ka, or a stuffed animal. But a simple potted flower will do. Simple nga lang! Basta something na naalagaan, hindi yung ilalagay lang sa vase tapos iddispose din after two weeks..

Oh to those guys who are used to spending their money on an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, time to change your tactics. Go for something more meaningful. Mas bet yung ganon trust me. Just give her something that can last for a long time. Sabi nga ni pareng John Lennon..

“Love is like a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.” ❤

PS: Kung matigas ang ulo mo, at gusto mo talagang magbigay ng bouquet. Give her roses, but buy a synthetic rose and mix it with the real ones. Then attach a note saying “I will stop loving you when the last rose dies.” oh diba kahit corny yan, sure kilig si girl! Haha :)



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