“I’ve come to believe that there are two reasons why people fall in love.

ONE: They meet their ideal person.

People have standards – expectations. They structure their “dream boy/girl” in their heads; and once they meet someone who fits the bill, they fall in love. Who doesn’t like having their expectations met? They painstakingly wait for that person. And after that person finds their way into their life, they realize, “it’s you. How perfect you are.”

This is how you fall in love normally

TWO: They get surprised.

People have “walls” and like having control over themselves; meaning that they are most likely not looking for love – they let it come to them. But one day, they meet someone. (Not necessarily for the first time. It could be someone they’ve known for a while and simply didn’t take notice him/her.) Said person does something – anything: sing, smile, make them laugh, a short walk together, etc. – and it hits them. It makes them doubt themselves, question certain things they stand for, making their “walls” crumble. They then ask, “Why do I care about you now?” The person might be the exact opposite of who they are – has values conflicting with theirs, follows a different conduct, and lives by a different system altogether. The person captures their heart in such an unusual way: by shattering who they once were, then renewing them. They are taken by surprise by someone out of their expectations. An interesting way to fall: complex and unexplainable, yet so simple.

This is how you fall in love beautifully.” 

Which one is yours?


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